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Underground Sprinkling

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Underground Sprinkling

Sprinkler System Basics

The three main components of every Flier’s automatic underground sprinkling system are the controller, station-control valves and sprinklers.

The controller is the brain of the underground sprinkling system, telling the control valves when and for how long to supply water to the sprinklers. The sprinklers direct and control the water applied to the lawn and plants.

Each valve controls a specific group of sprinklers called a station. The stations are laid out and installed according to the type of plant material to be watered, the location of the plant within the landscape, and the maximum amount of water that can be supplied. Each valve is connected to a numbered terminal within the controller, identifying it as Station 1, Station 2, etc.

The controller operates the valves in order, one at a time. Each station waters completely before the next station turns on. This is called a watering cycle. The controller is programmed to tell each station when and how long it will operate.



There are two types of sprinkler heads: sprays and rotors. Sprays are used in smaller areas and have pop-up heights of three to 12 inches. Rotors rotate the water stream up to 360 degrees and are used for larger areas.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems

When customers come to your business, you don’t want them to see dead, brown, or rotting plant matter. Whether you need to keep your grass green or install a drip irrigation system as part of your landscape, we can design the right system for you. Our designers will help you choose the products you need from Hunter, Irritrol, or TORO so that your customers are impressed before they even get to your front door.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Your Flier’s home irrigation system, backed by products from Toro, Irritrol & Hunter, will help make your lawn or garden a relaxing, beautiful paradise. We offer free, in-home estimates and custom installations. We also offer classes on how to learn to Do-It-Yourself sprinkler system installation. Whether you need pool and spa supplies, a custom sprinkler system, or a pond or fountain, we have the products to make the home of your dreams a reality.

Because we stand behind our products, we also offer service for all brands of sprinklers we sell. We know that it can get cold here in Michigan, so we can provide ice melters and winterization to both our commercial and residential customers. Flier’s Sprinkling Systems is West Michigan’s most trusted and well-known irrigation company because we are dedicated to giving our customers the premier customer service they deserve. Call to get started today! 616-583-9040



Flier’s Automatic underground sprinkling systems operate with a programmable controller that allows you to schedule when and where various portions of your lawn will be watered. You will find it easy to program the days of the week and the number of minutes you want each zone to run.  Some controllers have multi-programs in order to water turf and landscape areas on different schedules.

A signal from the controller activates a solenoid that opens or closes each control valve at the programmed time.  Some sprinkling systems are equipped with moisture sensors that override the controller program and prevent the system from turning on during rainy weather or immediately after a rain while the soil remains moist.

Controllers are available at Flier’s Retail Store 616-583-9040.



Flier’s automatic underground sprinkler systems deliver water through a network of underground pipes to all areas of a lawn.

The network of underground pipes is interspersed with strategically placed control valves, each of which can either stop or start the flow of water to a specific area of the lawn. That specific area of the lawn is called a zone.

Each zone consists of several sprinkler heads attached to the buried pipes by risers (short vertical pipes) that are arranged to provide uniform water coverage in that area. Sprinkling systems are divided into zones because city water systems and wells are capable of supplying water to only a limited number of sprinklers at one time.

Flier’s professional water experts measure the available water pressure prior to installation of the sprinkler system to ensure that the sprinkler heads in each zone will receive sufficient water to operate properly.

Valves are available at Flier’s Retail Store 616-583-9040.

Rain Sensor:

Wireless rain sensors conserve water by suspending irrigation during rainfall, and the wireless rain/freeze sensors also reduce the damage to plants and danger to walkways caused by ice buildup by interrupting irrigation when the air temperature drops below a predetermined set point.  Rain sensors can easily be added to an existing system at any time.

Weather Station:

For simple, water-saving, weather-following, automatic irrigation control, Irritrol introduces the Climate Logic Weather Sensing System. Consisting of three components-a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installation outdoors, a receiver module to attach to the Irritrol controller and an SD card with the 10-year, local historical weather information-the system monitors weather data, transmits it to the module, then alters the controller’s programd to “follow the weather”. As for compatibility, the Climate Logic Weather Sensing System works with the Rain Dail-R, Total Control-R, KwikDail and the new MC-E controllers (blue Model).