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Underground Sprinkling Installation

Underground Sprinkling Installation

Strategically Engineered Underground Sprinkling Installation

Top Ten Reasons to Invest In Your Lawn With Flier’s

  • Flier’s has over 50 years as a leader in the irrigation industry as a solid, locally owned and operated company.
  • Flier’s was rated one of the “Top 100 Irrigation Companies” in the United States by the Irrigation Association FIVE years in a row.  Flier’s is the only Grand Rapids-based company to achieve this in any year.
  • Flier’s was named the “TORO Residential Contractor of the Year” in Michigan by the Toro Company twice.
  • Flier’s installation team is the largest in Western Michigan.  They install only high quality TORO sprinkling systems – never using inferior products.
  • Flier’s award-winning installation team is backed by the #1 Service Department in Western Michigan.  We have 14 qualified service technicians with over 120 years of combined knowledge and experience.
  • Flier’s uses the latest technology and equipment to provide the most efficient installation available.
  • Flier’s has FREE training classes available for anyone who desires to do all or part of the installation themselves.
  • Flier’s has a local retail store with over 3,400 on hand stock items available.
  • Flier’s is the authorized local contractor for TORO products that come with certified contractor warranties.
  • Flier’s has installed over 8,000 sprinkling systems.  Flier’s goal is still to make YOU their most satisfied customer!

Underground Sprinkling Installation

Your Flier’s Toro automatic sprinkler system means that you don’t have to worry about the weather. You simply set it and forget it. When the weather turns dry, your Flier’s Toro sprinkling system keeps putting on the right amount of water at the right time of day. But what if it rains?

If it rains, the water automatically shuts off a wireless rain sensor from Flier’s! The rain sensor clips to the rain gutter on your house. This wireless sensing device has a 5-year battery, a multi-function receiver, and adjustable rain sensitivity.

Your Flier’s Toro sprinklers, placed in overlapping spray patterns, provide exact, even coverage across your entire lawn. Precision valves open and close on demand to direct water where you want it. Your Flier’s Toro controller places the right amount of water in the right place at the right time of day – just when you tell it to.

You have options when you install a new sprinkling system, expand your current system, or upgrade to take advantage of advancements in technology. Here are your options…

Complete Installation:

Flier’s is proud to be a Toro certified dealer. Our installers are trained and certified by Toro.

Flier’s has done underground sprinkling installation for thousands of home owners, hundreds of businesses, and dozens of golf courses over the past 50 years.

Each system is custom designed for the specific situation in which it will be used. Each installation is first class in quality and service.

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